MIFA is one of the very few Non Governmental Organisation in Africa which is highly and directly engage in changing the lives of Orphans and the less privilege children in Africa





MIFA Orphanages Homes

Program Purpose:

The purpose of this program is to reduce the suffering of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children OVC, build their capacity through giving them love, care, education and simple activities to do so that they become productive citizens in the society in the nearest future.

MIFA is one of the very few Non Governmental Organisation in Africa which is directly and actively engage in changing the lives of Orphans & Vulnerable Children OVC . As such Over 50% of its activities is focused on construction of Free Orphanages, Free Healthcare Centers & Free schools and vocational education center to assist the Orphans and Vulnerable Children to secure a brighter future.


In Africa Most Orphans, Mental Disorder, Physically Disable and vulnerable children are usually abandoned to themselves without Care, Love, hope, shelter and therefor they are directly exposed to numerous dangers. This is why MIFA charity came up with the MIFA Orphanage Home Construction Program MOHCP. This project is very vital because it protect and ensures the survival of these children and assures their future re-integration into the society as productive citizens. 


So MIFA has as its prime mission to Construct over 100+ MIFA Orphanages Homes, several Healthcare Centers & Schools across Africa whereby orphans and the less privileged children can live and receive free services thereby preventing them from all dangers. Our concern is to carter for these children by making them grow with confidence and not to be exposed to any form of insecurity, and hence giving them equal opportunities so they can compete with parental kids. By doing these we are sharing, cultivating and dissipating an atmosphere of love among's these children which will make them not to feel left out by the society. Our Children will grow up morally and psychologically balanced and hence will easily form a caring and loving family.

MIFA also support the rebuilding of live and happiness in the war-ravaged communities by offering free accommodation, free & affordable medical-care services, free education and vocational training & free Rehabilitation/Reorientation center and recreational activities. The organization will implement community based rehabilitation and development interventions targeting the orphans, handicaps, Refugees, Street Children, Homeless, Mentally Disabled, Women & Girl Child and the vulnerable children within the communities


HIV/AIDS is a major public health problem in  Africa, and the challenges of orphans and vulnerable children are a threat to child survival, growth and development. An HIV prevalence was conducted in Cameroon and it was estimated at 5.1% in 2010. The objective of this study was to assess the burden of orphans and vulnerable children due to HIV/AIDS in Cameroon. A structured field test and online research to identify publications on orphans and other children made vulnerable by AIDS was also carried out. A traditional literature search on google, Results show that only 9% of all OVC in Cameroon and  22% of OVC in Africa are given any form of support. AIDS death has continue to rise in Cameroon. In 1995, 7,900 people died from AIDS in the country; and the annual number rose to 25,000 in 2000. Out of 1,200,000 orphans and vulnerable children in Cameroon in 2010, 300,000(25%) were AIDS orphans. Orphans and the number of children orphaned by AIDS has increased dramatically from 13,000 in 1995 to 304,000+ in 2010. By 2020, this number is projected to rise to 350,000. These deaths profoundly affect families, which often are split up and left without any means of support. Similarly, the death of many people in their prime working years hamper the economy. Businesses are adversely affected due to the need to recruit and train new staff. Health and social service systems suffer from the loss of health workers, teachers, and other skilled workers. OVC due to HIV/AIDS are a major public health problem in Africa as the HIV prevalence continues its relentless increase with 141 new infections per day. In partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and other development organizations, the Ministry of Public Health has been striving hard to provide for the educational and medical needs of the OVC, vocational training for the out-of- school OVC and income generating activities for foster families and families headed by children. A continous multi-sectorial approach headed by the government to solve the problem of OVC due to AIDS is very important. In line with the foregoing, recommendations are proposed for the way forward.




Beneficiaries of MIFA Orphanage Home Program;  

  • Children living with parents or guardians with chronic diseases;

  • Street children and / or children in the street;

  • Child victims of early marriage before age 18;

  • Orphans of one or both parents;

  • Victims of child abuse (physical, psychological, sexual) and neglect;

  • Abandoned children;

  • Children heads of families

  • Child victims of trafficking, trade or exploitation

  • Child beggars;

  • Children in conflict with the law and / or victims of crime

  • Children of indigenous peoples;

  •  Children from poor families;

  • Children with chronic illnesses;

  • Children infected or affected by HIV (illness or loss of one or both parents to HIV);

  • Disabled children or disabled relatives born poor or needy;

  • Socially maladjusted children;

  • Children who do not have decent housing;

  • Malnourished children;

  • Children of separated and / or divorced parents;

  • Children victims of accidents or disasters.

MIFA Orphanages Home Offers The Following Benefits ;

  • An ideal setting, well equipped and very friendly Accommodation.

  • A loving and well qualified monitoring team. .

  • MIFA supplies essential school needs for learning.

  • A good and balance nutrition.

  • A good healthcare team and facilities.

  • Good Clothing, toys, play grounds, touristic journeys etc.


Characteristics of child poverty in key domains;

Personal, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Lack of parental guidance, care and love

  • Not having the means to get what one wants

  • Inability to solve daily problems, both as a result of lack of money as well as lack of initiative and innovation that results from financial poverty (‘poverty of the mind’)

  • Being dependent on others

  • Lack of religious grooming

  • Discrimination on social relation and deprivation their rights

  • Alcohol abuse by parents

Physical well-being

  • Lack of access to health care (Medicine, immunization)

  • Vulnerable to disease, especially HIV/AIDs and malaria


Family and social well-being

  • Lack of one or both parents

  • Being forced to live on the street because parents cannot support all/any of children

  • Family breakdown

  • Polygamous family

  • Households with many children and with no use of family planning

  • Inability to enroll in school or to pursue education on an ongoing basis as a result of school costs, uniform, books, pens, etc.

  • Lack of protection from abuse, exploitation

Our Vision here is to construct over 100 Orphanages, Schools and Health Centers across Africa, We put our effort to the benefit of the destitute.

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