MIFA Current Organisation Composition

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Dr. Mrs Alice Raissa Male Mballa

Chief Governance  / Program health Coordinator

As Chief Governance & Strategic Health Officer Mrs. Alice Raissa Male Mballa is responsible for designing, implementing and sustaining the business practices, processes, and systems necessary for a robust governance framework across the breadth of MIFA’s activities. 
 Working closely with the President/CEO and the Board of Directors, Mrs. Alice is focused on creating and promoting a strong culture of governance and accountability at MIFA and ensuring that the planning, execution, and administration of all MIFA programs, departments and systems are in alignment. Mrs. Alice Raissa oversees strategy design and implementation to achieve results across multiple areas of the organization. 

                                                                                Mrs. Alice Raissa has over 7 years’ experience in organizational development, management, and governance.  Prior to collaborating with MIFA founders to initiate the vision MIFA, Mrs. Alice Raissa served as country head for Apen Group Global. Mrs.  Alice Raissa served Apen Group in various capacities during its 3-year history including providing operational and financial oversight and worked closely with all Apen Group key stakeholders and constituents including Apen Group Cameroon Board of Directors. Ms. Alice Raissa began her career supporting vulnerable children in Ntui a sub-division at the outskirt of Yaoundé.  She is International certified Legal practitioner from the Central University of Essec Douala

Mr. Emmanuel Akenji



Mr. Akenji served as Laplace Technologies LTD Regional Hub-Country Manager for Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, Congo and Central African republic, he was on the Board of Directors for 3 years and as the lead  Operations Manager for Laplace in the whole Central Africa, an organization dedicated to help sub-Saharan African countries overcome the burden of communication limitations.

Prior to his leadership at Laplace, Mr. Akenji was an Assistant Corporate Executive at one of Africa’s 1st largest
Telecommunication services provider companies called CVCOMMS LTD UK International. He was Executive Vice Manager
and General Counsel for the Public & Senior Markets of FTT in Douala. Mr. Akenji also served as Senior Vice President of
Yookee Multi-Plex Shopping Plaza. He has 13 year working experience 5 year as CEO & President MIFA and FTT Sarl. 

As MIFA’s President and CEO, Mr. Emmanuel Akenji is responsible for developing and guiding the strategic vision for the organization in a new environment for development assistance. He articulates to stakeholders, old and new, MIFA’s unique guiding philosophy and value proposition. At the same time, Mr. Akenji ensures the organization’s well-known technical capabilities continue to result in program excellence reflecting MIFA’s leadership in contributing to the social and economic development of Cameroon and Africa at large. 
Mr. Akenji has a diverse background in Management, Engineering, Entrepreneurial Experience, Good Governance and Public Policy, Healthcare and International Development. Before Initiating the vision MIFA in late 2009, 

Dr. Ms. Ydes Taleubou Megoumkam

Chief of External Affairs  & Partnerships ( DRE-CEAP)

As Chief of External Affairs and Partnerships, Ms. Taleubou Ydes leads MIFA initiatives to develop, maintain and leverage relationships with key stakeholders such as governments, international associations, academia, industry and nongovernmental organizations.  She is also Acting Chief Development Officer. 
Ms. Ydes has spent most of her career improving outcomes by focusing on the intersection of the public, private and non-profit sectors.  She comes to MIFA from 50/50 Shipping Enterprise Ltd International where she served as the Business Development administrator and Director of International Affairs.

Ms. Ydes responsibilities involved developing advocacy and market access strategies and brokering partnerships with international nonprofit organizations. Ms. Ydes began her career in Cameroon Yaoundé, as a volunteer and promoter of the initiative(vision) MIFA.  Ms Ydes is a permanent member of MIFA’s Board of Directors. She is the prime initiator and promoter of the project FZoom+.

Dr. Ms. Ydes Taleubou Megoumkam

Chief of External Affairs  & Partnerships ( DRE-CEAP)

Barrister. Alih Stephen Ngu

Secretary General / Legal Adviser 

A committed civic leader, Barrister. Alih Stephen Secretary General of MIFA, he is also the Vice President of the Cameroon Syndicate for Importers and Exporter SYNIACAM he has been an active community advocate defending the right of the vulnerable and marginalized person in Cameroon on local and international platforms. He was appointed by MIFA to the advisory committees on education and peace matters in the conflict zones in Africa. He has 14 Year Experience; 3 Years as Secretary General for MIFA, he is a permanent member of MIFA Board of Directors, Vice president of African Fund For judicial Assistance, and a Permanent Call-to-the-bar member of the Cameroon Bar Association (Professional Jurist). 

Barrister. Alih Stephen Ngu

Secretary General  & Legal Adviser 


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Mrs. Fetung Ileen 

Chief Finance Account Officer 


Mrs. Fetung Ileen 

Chief Finance Account Officer  CFAO

As the Chief Financial Account Officer for MIFA Mrs. Illen Fetung is responsible for the financial health of the organization. She and her financial team does produces financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of the organization. She is an experienced financial accountant, the Former financial and Business Administrative Manager for Nextel Cameroon and Former Financial Account manager with Tole Tea Estate South West Region Cameroon. 

Mrs. Fetung ileen served Nextel and tole tea estate in various capacities during its 18-year Experince history including providing operational and financial oversight and worked closely with all Nexttel Cameroon major key stakeholders and constituents including the Nextel Board of Directors. Mrs. Fetung Ileen began her financial career by doing network marketing with GNLD Neolife distributing healthcare nutritional supplement in Cameroon. Mrs. Fetung Ileen is a permanent member of MIFA Board of Directors. 

Mrs. Magdalene Shindoh Chi

Human Resource Officer


Mrs. Magdalene Shindoh Chi

Human Resource Manager  HRM

Mrs. Magdalene Shendoh is MIFA’s  Human Resources Officer and oversees the day to day operations in human resources, (procurement, compliance, personnel, and non-personnel related contracts), building facilities information technology and event planning.  Mrs. Magdalene is also responsible for strategically aligning MIFA’s global workforce to its mission and its path to change through effective management of human capital policies and programs. Ms. Magdalene collaborates with the CEO, COP, CG and CFAO to set organizational targets, operating plans, organizational priorities, and allocate resources to achieve those targets, plans, and priorities. She is the former HR Manager for African Security Sarl and Cotrava Sarl she holds 14 years Personnel Management leadership experience.  

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is vested with the following powers to act in due circumstances on behalf of the Organization.

 As such it;

  1. Deliberates on all current issues.

  2. Arranges the annual inventory, balance sheet and tables to the founders committee for perusal.

  3. Draft and present a plan of action at the General Assembly for adoption.

  4. Authorizes and approves internal and external managements cost.

  5. Execute the Projects/programs road-map adopted by the founders committee.

  6. Performs recovery of funds.

  7. Generates weekly reports and Inform the Founders committee of all kinds of donations received by the organization.

  8. It ensures the implementation of MIFA internal policies.



Chief Legal Adviser

Lawyer Dorimaine esponsibilities includes providing legal assistance, organizing various legal activities, completing legal themes, creating legal documents and advising the clients or the organization on all the relevant legal issues. 

Obasi Philip

Logistics Coordinator

Head of As Logistics & Utility Officer Mr. Obase controls the flow of incoming materials and outgoing Organization material to ensure customers/benefactors receive subventions/products on time. As MIFA’s Logistics manager he also oversees warehouse and all the company equipment’s, inventory control, material handling, customer service, transportation and planning workers.

Mrs. Mireiille  Mbassa is the Chief Compliance Officer for MIFA, she ensures that MIFA functions in a legal and ethical manner while meeting its business goals. she is also responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing company policies, and advising management on possible risks. She has 5 years working experience and she is a permanent member of the board of directors.

Mrs. Mireille Mbassa 

 Chief Compliance Officer


As the administrative assistant the duties Ms. Meriline Bifor revolve around managing and distributing information within MIFA office. This generally includes answering phones, taking memos and maintaining files. As the Administrative assistants she is also in charge of sending and receiving correspondence, as well as greeting clients and customers. 4 years working experience

Ms. Chi Meriline Bifor

Administrative Asist

legal Adviser No1 MIFA.png

Former CEO Business Administrative Manager with 50/50 shipping  Enterprise, and holder of Master Degree Business Administration.

Tabufor Richard Akemji

Operations Development Manager

Michigan USA

Mrs. Patience Tunyi responsibilities includes providing legal assistance, organizing various legal activities, completing legal themes, creating legal documents and advising the clients or the organization on all the relevant legal issues. She is a very experience Legal Practitioner, Cameroon Call to bar candidate. 22 yrs work legal experience. 15.

Lawyer. Mireille Patience Tunyi 

 Legal Adviser No1

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Mr. Barga Leonel

Chief Program Officer CPO

Mr. Barga Leonel is the newly appointed  Chief Program Officer. In his role as Chief of Programs, Mr, Leonel is responsible for building and managing MIFA large, growing and diverse portfolio of sustainable development projects. He joined MIFA in Dec 2019, from African Fund For Judicial Assistance “AFFJA”

Senior Management  Team

MIFA Current Organisational Composition