Live updates: Coronavirus cases pass 182,000 as countries go into lockdown

New measures and restrictions will go into effect today in France, limiting people's movements and activities as the country's coronavirus cases continue to spike.

All vehicle and pedestrian movements nationwide will have to be justified -- meaning "each person, for each movement, will need to fill a document, stating on their honor, the reason of their movement,” French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said yesterday.

Some professions will be able to use their work certificate as proof of justification, and journalists with press cards are allowed to move around “as information plays a major role in the fight against the virus."

War against coronavirus: The new measures were announced shortly after President Emmanuel Macron said the country was “in a war” against the pandemic, and announced additional measures banning gatherings across France -- including family and social gatherings.

France has seen dramatic jumps in coronavirus case numbers these past two weeks, reporting hundreds of new cases a day. It's now one of the countries with the highest number of cases, at 6,655 total, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Europe under lockdown: It's not just France imposing drastic new measures; much of Europe is now under lockdown and travel restrictions.

Italy remains under complete lockdown. Spain has closed its land borders. And Germany is enforcing border restrictions with Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark. Switzerland’s government banned all private and public events.

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