Acute Water Scarcity Hits Northern Cameroon

A daily scene in Worlorde, women queuing for water. This liquid gold is becoming increasingly rare in this locality in the far north of Cameroon due to lack of drilling.

Tokombere, Mokio, Takamsa and many other localities in northern Cameroon are not well housed. In these villages, women are also forced to travel miles, or dig holes in the sand to collect water.

Water unfit for consumption with risks of waterborne diseases.

“During the rainy seasons, many of our children get sick from the dirty water we drink. Often they have a stomach ache,” said Maliki Jacques a resident of Mokio.

MIFA 2020 Water Supply Sanitation & Hygiene Program.

Can you imagine spending 8 hours a day simply getting something to drink? 💧

Support MIFA 2020 WASH Water Supply Sanitation & Hygiene project to construct 32 Shallow Water Well (SWW), Bore Holes (BH) and Hand Duck Wells (HDW) in 32 local communities in the Far-North Region of Cameroon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MIFA Saving Lives!.....

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