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Mercy Initiative For Africa (MIFA) “The Pan African Humanitarian Movement” is a Non Governmental, non-partisan and none profit making Organization. MIFA was first founded in January 2007 as a Cameroon based association designed to offer assistance to orphans and vulnerable children with free shelter, free water supply, Hygiene & Sanitation, free healthcare, free education and Vocational Education Training VET,  free Rehabilitation services. In the early stage of it conception MIFA help sponsored many orphans and less privileged children in the Economic Capital (Douala), Northwest Region (bamenda), Southwest Region (Buea) & in Yaoundé the capital of Cameroon. MIFA holds a hand filled with charity experience in Cameroon.  Since its establishment, MIFA plays defining roles in addressing the educational needs, accommodation needs, healthcare needs, emergency relief response during disaster and extending basic services to the poor and vulnerable people in their effort for sustainable development through food and livelihood security and poverty alleviation strategies. MIFA as a learning organization with a very defined goal and mission but has also consistently renovated itself to respond to the ever changing humanitarian needs of the communities' and demands of the internal and external environment by working in close collaboration with the government, donors, communities, CBOs and the grass-roots public institutions. MIFA is registered with the government of Cameroon, presently undergoing registration proceedings in the United States of America and Canada. Its major goal is to provide turnkey humanitarian solutions to the less privileged & vulnerable persons and underserved communities across Africa.


MIFA Humanitarian Services;

  • MIFA Free Orphanage Homes, to give free accommodation to OVC Orphans & Vulnerable children.

  • MIFA Schools offers free Primary, Secondary & higher Education to the less privileged.

  • MIFA Vocational Education Training VET & a Handicap Center VET offers free trainings to people with disabilities, vulnerable children.

  • Women & Girl-child empowerment programs.

  • MIFA Clean Water Supply, Sanitation & hygiene Program to poor & underserved communities.

  • MIFA Healthcare Centers, MIFA offers free and affordable healthcare services to the less privileged.

  • MIFA Psychiatric/Rehabilitation Center, to freely care for mental disorder persons and drug addicts.

  • Hunger & Poverty Alleviation through livelihood development & food sustainability projects.

  • MIFA Emergency Relief Responds Actions, When disaster strikes MIFA is present


MIFA also support the rebuilding of live and happiness in the war-ravaged communities by offering free accommodation, free & affordable medical-care services, free education and vocational training & free Rehabilitation/Reorientation center and recreational activities. The organization will implement community based rehabilitation and development interventions targeting the orphans, handicaps, Refugees, Street Children, Homeless, Mentally Disabled, Women & Girl Child and the vulnerable children within the communities

 MIFA is registered 501(c)(3) organization.


Free Education 

Children are naturally hungry to learn, but faces significant challenges to go to school, especially Orphans and destitute...


Free healthcare services 

Many children around the world and in Africa in particular are dying every day because they lack access to affordable medical


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Emergency Response

Children are naturally hungry to learn, but faces significant challenges to go to school, especially Orphans and destitute...


Hunger Alleviation 

Malnutrition hugely contributes to the death of children and a lifetime of poor health. We are committed to providing....

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Youth & women empowerment 

MIFA is actively involve in Youth, Women Empowerment & Capacity Building, "As the Saying goes...


Free clean water

Water is an indispensable part of life when it is not drinkable it can cause many diseases that can even lead to dead. In Africa....


Free accommodation 

In Africa Most Orphans, Mentally ill, Disable and underprivileged children are usually abandoned to themselves without any hope, without shelter