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Every donations made through campaigns will support MIFA's sustainable life changing projects across Africa.

Congratulations on taking the vital step to improving the lives of the Orphans and less privileged children in Africa. We are very excited to learn that Africa is where you want to help and MIFA is the teams you want to use for this mission. MIFA is bent on changing the lives of Orphans, the Disable and the less privileged across Africa we partner people in remote areas throughout the African continent to empower the to overcome the challenges they face. As such:

  • Constructing Free schools and providing Free Education To Orphans &      Destitute kids. MIFA team will completely sponsor this children free of charges from Nursery Schools to University graduate.

  • Construct of Free healthcare centers for these Orphans and less privileged

  • Construction of Orphanages to Accommodate Orphans, Disabled, the Homeless & Street Children.

  • Providing clean safe water and food monitoring programs to poor communities.

  • Distribution of Items collected all over the world like: ( used cloths, used shoes, used toys) etc.


Here is how you can help online.

1. Register an become a MIFA "Local Fundraising Leader"
Fill out this form and follow the directives bellow to start your own fundraising campaign on behalf of MIFA. After your registration process is completed MIFA will create a Local Fundraise Membership Card for You.

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2, Tell Everyone

Now that you have registered as a Mifa online fundraiser, we've send you and email with links to your profile page and a Donation page built just for you and your followers. First, we recommend you Bookmarks those pages sent to by Mifa! The next step is to get as many supporters as possible, For further details we invite you to follow the guide bellow.

Update your Facebook Status

Post a short massage on Facebook about you campaign. Link your post to your personal donation page, and all your friend Donations will counts towards your Fundraising total.

Get Tweeting

Share the link to your donation page with all your followers, you may add a short message about your campaign to assist Orphans, and the less privileged in Africa through MIFA.


You may do same on your blogs.

Send Email

If you are not satisfied with contribution from Facebook and tweeter you can also send out  emails with the link to your page. If you need inspiration, here is an example please feel free to copy and paste and personnalise.

Sample Email

Hi Everybody


I am launching a Fundraising Campaign for MIFA ( Mercy Initiative For Africa ), and I am counting on your support!

Five million children in Sub-Saharan Africa die of hunger every year and about 60% live on less than two dollars a day. Most of this children lack the basic needs like Food, Drinking water, Cloths, Shoes, Education, healthcare just to name a few. Together we can do something about this. MIFA is highly committed to empower African communities overcome poverty, infectious diseases, malnutrition, unsanitary water and more. Over 86.2% of every donations goes to MIFA  life changing programs in Africa. That is why I chose to become a "MIFA Fundraising Club" member.

Please help me reach my Target ( INSERT TARGET AMOUNT ) by donating now. Just follow this link ( INSERT DONATION LINK SENT TO YOU BY MIFA ).

Thanks so much for your support!

( Insert your name )

3. Thank Your Supporters

Whenever someone donate to MIFA via your page, we will update your fundraising status and notify you by email.

Having difficulties with the online system? we are happy to assist you!

Contact MIFA's Development Team.

Telephone : +237 674 528 595, +237 697 149 091.

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm GMT+1 

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