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of Our Friend

MIFA Emergency Relief Actions

MIFA provides emergency response relief actions to affected communities.


When crisis strikes, we are always there to respond to the need of the distress population. We deliver life saving emergency relief gifts and services and stay as long as it takes to ensure the affected kids and families recover;

Our Relief Actions Includes;

    - Earthquake and Floods Response.

    - Refugees & Internally Displace action Response.

    - Hunger & Famine Response.

    - Hurricane & Tsunami Response.

    - Healthcare Emergency Assistance.

MIFA EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM presents to you the case of Franklin Zimbi,


Franklin Zimbi is one of MIFA's Emergency Relief Action Program Benefactor.

Franklin is 16 years old, he was leaving with mother in Kumba the SW region of Cameroon before the war started he is from a single mom, his father abandoned him when he was still a baby. Franklin has been suffering from internal infections for 7 years now, Due to lack of money his mother could not take him to the hospital, his case became worst 2 years ago, he needed Emergency medical attention to save his life, his mother contacted MIFA Emergency Response Team to kindly intervene in order to save FranKlins life. 

MIFA team intervened and rush Franklin to the hospital where he is presently receiving intense medical treatment. 

                                               Please help in any way you can!

     We invite everyone to join our cause so that together we can change the world.

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